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Printed polymer strain gage eliminates need for wires

June 16, 2016  Stephen Law

HOFFMANN+KRIPPNER  P-DMS Polymer Strain Gage is a compact and cost-effective solution for measuring pressure is based on firm’s patented sensor paste technology printed onto a pcb board. Extremely sensitive to slight pressures, a small deformation to the paste generates a change of its electrical resistance generating an analog signal to enable measurement, input and control to a wide range of applications. Requiring no moving parts, device can be very accurate and long lasting and does not need to be connected by wires. This enables compact and affordable designs, as well as eliminating the failure points of wire failure and corrosion. It also eliminates electrical sparking as the key contacts come together. http://www.hoffmann-krippner.com/polymer-strain-gage.html

Hoffmann + Krippner StrainGage-Finger

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