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Multilayer organic filters deliver best-in-class performance in RF applications

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KYOCERA AVX LP Series MLO low-pass, HF Series MLO high-pass and BP Series MLO band-pass multilayer organic (MLO) filter series are designed and field proven to deliver best-in-class performance in a variety of RF applications. Filters are low-profile passive devices based on firm’s patented MLO high-density interconnect technology, which has a high dielectric constant and high lot-to-lot repeatability and exhibits low material losses, which enables the development of high-Q passive printed elements, such as inductors and capacitors, in a multilayer stack. It’s also impervious to the performance variations normally caused by temperature changes and expansion matched to most organic pcbs, which enables improved reliability compared to standard silicon and ceramic filters. Devices integrate inductors and capacitors into relatively small and low-profile land grid array surface-mount packages that reduce circuit complexity, conserve board space, and improve performance and reliability compared to filters comprised of discrete inductors and capacitors. All three series exhibit low parasitics and insertion loss, effective heat dissipation, high rejection, and improved solderability and are rated for 50Ω impedance, up to 12GHz (soon to be 20GHz), and operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +85°C.

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