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Miniature low-EMI 1.8V/3.3V oscillators reduce EMI

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Electronics clock EMI oscillators Saelig

SAELIG EQHM22C series oscillators can operate from a supply voltage of 1.8-3.3V and are available in a miniature 2.5mm x 2.0mm x 0.9mm standard surface mount package. Devices are drop-in replacements for standard clocks. Devices provide the significant advantage of reducing EMI at source, i.e. the system clock oscillator, reducing the need to employ costly shielded backplanes, ferrite cores, or similar techniques for reducing EMI. Common specifications for the device are frequency range from 16 to 40.0MHz, CMOS output logic, dc input voltage of 1.8V ±0.15V, frequency stability options of ±25ppm, ±50ppm and ±100ppm for commercial (0 to +70°C) and industrial (-40 to +85°C) devices, rise/fall times of 10ns maximum, 15pF load and start-up time 1ms typical. Duty cycle is 50% ±10%, standard, and ageing is ±5ppm/year maximum at 25°C.

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