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Flat, pointed tip spring-loaded pins, connectors improve contact surface area

Stephen Law   

Electronics Interconnect connector flat-tip Interconnect Mill-Max pins plungers pointed

MILL-MAX Spring-loaded pins are available with either pointed or flat tip plungers, providing solutions for testing and other specialized connection requirements. The pointed tip plunger design is often used with spring-loaded pins in test environments. The point design concentrates the force, creating greater pressure to penetrate oxides or other contaminants on the surface of the test unit, thereby providing a high-quality, low resistance connection. Another use for pointed tip plungers is for probing or contacting holes or via holes on printed circuit boards. The point provides a more suitable fit than a radius and can be used in a variety of hole sizes. Flat tip plungers provide greater surface area at the point of connection, distributing the electrical charge and delivering more efficient heat dissipation. An example use would be to reduce the likelihood of arcing in systems that experience power spikes for a short duration, or to decrease the total amount of heat generated in a circuit. Other advantages provided by the flat tip plungers are they allow for greater tolerance misalignment with mating surfaces, and they are a good choice for applications where the spring pin tip makes contact with round component leads.

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