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PFAS Restrictions in Electronics

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November 09, 2023

PFAS Restrictions in Electronics: What You Need to Know

Time: 11AM – 12PM PDT

New PFAS regulations threaten to significantly impact the electronics manufacturing process. But what parts of the supply chain will they affect and how can manufacturers identify their direct impact?

Join our webinar where we’ll help you decode the latest updates on PFAS regulations in the United States and Europe, including the recent proposed 10,000+ PFAS ban in the EU. We’ll also explore where PFAS are in the manufacturing process and what parts of the supply chain could be affected by new and far-reaching regulations. The conversation will be led by Mike Kirschner, a product environmental compliance expert with 20 years of engineering and engineering management experience at companies like Intel, Tandem Computers, and Compaq. You’ll learn about: – What are PFAS & why they’re being regulated – Existing & proposed PFAS regulations in the US & EU – Where PFAS are used today in the manufacturing supply chain – How regulations could impact the manufacturing process – What exemptions and derogations manufacturers are requesting – Steps you can take now to mitigate your PFAS compliance risk If you’re looking to understand the scope of new regulations and its impact on your product continuity, we strongly recommend you join this webinar.

Guest Panelist

Mike Kirschner
Design Chain Associates, LLC

Michael Kirschner is an environmental compliance, sustainability, safety, and performance expert providing advice and knowledge to manufacturers, governments and others.

Mike helps manufacturers define, implement and troubleshoot internal product lifecycle management systems that produce compliant products. His scope includes substance, e-waste, energy efficiency, climate change, circular economy, and social requirements that affect product design and the supply chain.

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