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OLEDs: Innovations, Manufacturing & Markets

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April 10 - April 11, 2024

Online Event

This event focuses on innovations in materials, manufacturing, applications and markets for OLEDs.


OLEDs have been a commercial success for years and yet the the pace of incremental and radical technological innovations and breakthroughs is incredible, furthering device properties [colour, stability, resolution, colour gamut, brightness, etc], expanding applications, and opening new manufacturing and patterning techniques from photolithography to inkjet printing and beyond.


These innovations could entrench the success of OLEDs further, addressing their weak spots, and also perhaps take away the selling points of challengers or alternatives like MicroLEDS, QD-LCDs, etc.  Understanding the OLED market and industry dynamics is a must for microLED professionals.


This event is curated by TechBlick and OLED-Info.com. It is part of the MicroLED Connect series – accessible with a Virtual or Hybrid Annual Pass



10 APRIL 2024


12:40PM | UBI Research | OLED and XR industry outlook
1:00PM | OLEDON | High Resolution Evaporator for 10Kppi OLEDoS Microdisplays
1:20PM | AP Systems Inc | OLED Color Patterning for XR Displays
1:40PM | MICROOLED | OLED microdisplay and the AR market

2:40PM | CREDOXYS | Novel p-dopant concepts for unprecedented freedom in OLED stack design: low absorption and tunable doping strength
3:00PM | beeOLED | Deep-blue OLED emitter combining efficiency and stability by using intra-metallic transitions
3:20PM | OTI Lumionics | Challenges and Opportunities for transparent OLEDs

4:20PM | Noctiluca | Novel OLED emitter platform – TADF for inkjet and PVD applications*
4:40PM | Notion Systems | Patterning via EHD and inkjet printers
5:00PM | Sinovia Technologies | Flexographically Printed OLED Indicator and Passive Matrix Displays*
5:20PM | Margik | TBC*


11 APRIL 2024


1:00PM | Fluxim | Enabling R&D tools for emerging display technologies – from device simulation to stress testing
1:20PM | Software for Chemistry & Materials (SCM) | Atomistic multiscale simulations of OLED materials
1:40PM | Toray Research Center | Current analytical techniques for OLEDs

2:40PM | University of Manchester | Driving Advancements in OLED Technology: The Role of Carbene-Metal-Amide Emitters
3:00PM | Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research | Efficient single-layer OLEDs
3:20PM | University of Michigan | Stable and efficient phosphorescence blue OLED emitters – latest research report

4:20PM | Universiteit Hasselt | Plasmonic nanoparticles and their application in OLEDs.
4:40PM | Pixelligent | High Refractive Index Nanocrystals to improve OLED light output*
5:00PM | Schrodinger | Revolutionizing Organic Electronics: Computational Insights and Innovations in OLED Materials Design

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