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Keeping up to speed on compliance updates: Webinar

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December 06, 2023

How to keep up to speed on new restricted materials requirements

Managing the dozens of regulations, and thousands of substances

Hosted by Claigan Environmental Inc.

Time: 10am and 2pm ET

Duration: 1 hour plus Q&A (like 1.25 hours)

This webinar will cover how to remain up to date on new restricted materials requirements. This webinar will discuss Claigan’s processes for identifying new requirements, understanding the requirements, understanding the chemicals, and keeping organized.

On average, there are roughly eight (8) new restricted materials requirements per year, and another dozen substance list updates. Each of these has its own scopes, requirements, and exemptions. In many cases, the changes include substances that have not previously been regulated – and information on the substance and potential impact on your product are sparse.

Claigan’s webinar will explain the methods and services Claigan uses to keep their clients up to speed. Claigan will also discuss the updating of product compliance to new requirements, and how to communicate compliance (compliance revision) to customers, authorities, and internally.

Topics to include

  • Recap of regulatory changes in 2023
  • Expected changes in 2024
  • Keeping up to date on changes
  • Understanding how (and if) changes impact your products
  • Summarizing compliance requirements for product design and maintenance
  • How to understand the impact of newly regulated substances
  • Communicating compliance status and revision

Note – due to the expected demand, there will be two (2) webinar schedule on December 6th.

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