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VueReal unveils advanced augmented reality (AR) display technology

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Innovative AR display combines proprietary microLED and LCOS advancements enabled firm’s MicroSolid printing platform

VueReal, a Waterloo-based pioneer in MicroSolid Printing, announced the launch of its ColourFusion microDisplay, an innovative augmented reality (AR) display that sets a new standard in visual clarity and colour precision. The solution is relevant for multiple industries spanning consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial.

Enabled by VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing platform, the microDisplay integrates cutting-edge full colour microLED technology, an image quality enhancement algorithm, and LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) systems to deliver high resolution, high grayscale and colour depth, high contrast, and unprecedented low power consumption through a power-saving algorithm and variable frame rates.

At the core of the solution is VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing platform, which addresses the foremost challenge in the mass adoption of microLED displays—the efficient transfer of microLEDs from wafer to backplane. VueReal’s patented process excels in transferring millions of micrometer-sized LEDs with unparalleled throughput, scalability, and high yield.


Dr. Reza Chaji, founder and CEO of VueReal

The ColourFusion microDisplay technology utilizes VueReal’s proprietary MicroSolid Printing to fabricate full colour microLED displays, known for their exceptional brightness and energy efficiency. By enhancing these displays with LCOS technology, VueReal has achieved a breakthrough in effective resolution that surpasses existing AR displays in the market.

“ColourFusion is designed to overcome the traditional barriers of AR technology, particularly in terms of resolution and color accuracy,” said Dr. Reza Chaji, founder and CEO of VueReal. “By integrating our cutting-edge microLED technology with LCOS systems, we have achieved a level of visual fidelity and energy efficiency that will transform the future of augmented reality.”



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