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Tech sectors expect bank collapse of SVB to have chilling effect on investments

Members of Canada’s technology sector say they’re worried the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) will have a chilling effect on investments in the already-hampered sector.

Engineering platform uses smart algorithms and AI

CELUS GmbH, a deep tech software company based in Munich, Germany, has rolled-out a brand-new engineering platform with the mission to accelerate innovations in electronic design using smart algorithms and AI.

Taiwan chip pioneer warns US plans will boost costs

Efforts to shift production of processor chips from Asia to the United States will double their cost and slow the spread of their use in phones, cars and other products, the billionaire founder of the global industry’s biggest manufacturer warns.

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Newark, your trusted manufacturing partner

Explore our wide range of industrial and automation products. We have over 80,000 products supplied by more than 42 leading industrial and automation manufacturers. » Learn more

How 3D architecture experts created a new and improved battery

Most technologies of the future, such as artificial intelligence, Edge computing, 5G, electric vehicles, augmented reality and virtual reality – all require greater battery energy density. Building and scaling a battery containing a 100 per cent active silicon anode has long been a goal of the industry because it dramatically increases energy density and performance. » Read More...
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Infineon Traveo T2G Microcontrollers: High performance ARM Microcontrollers

Come with us on this journey of the new era of Infineon Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers portfolio! On this session you will understand the product portfolio of Infineon Microcontrollers Traveo™ T2G! Our extensive features on this ARM® Cortex M based microcontrollers, including FOTA, up to quad core CPU, ultra-low power consumption and lots of connectivity, will enhance your applications and get it to the next level! We will be covering the Roadmap, Ecosystem, Boards, Partners and much more. » Learn more

Plug-in controllers come in compact size, boost performance

NANOTEC CPB series small plug-in motor controllers are easy to integrate into existing applications and customer boards. » Read More...


8 slot PXI express chassis supports PCIe, Gen 2, Gen 3

SCHROFF nVent 8 slot PXI Express System supports PCIe Gen 2 and Gen 3 in one chassis for maximum performance flexibility. » Read More...


2.4mm, 2.9mm connectors, adapters suit precise applications

LINX TECHNOLOGIES 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors and adapters are suitable for precision applications, as they combine enhanced performance, compact size and a convenient threaded mating interface to provide a heavy-duty, easy-to-use connector. » Read More...


MEMS-based motion sensor is accelerometer, gyroscope in one

WüRTH ELEKTRONIK WSEN-ISDS MEMS-based sensors with a 3-axis accelerometer and integrated gyroscope provides selectable measuring ranges and data rates, improving versatility. » Read More...


Future of Women in Tech    -    March 29, 2023

March 29, 2023 | 3600 Steeles Ave. East, E171, Markham, ON L3R 9Z7 » Read More...

Waterloo Innovation Summit    -    April 21, 2023

April 21, 2023 | 101 College Street, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1L7 » Read More...