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MEMS-based motion sensor is accelerometer, gyroscope in one

Stephen Law   

accelerometer gyroscope motion Sensor

WüRTH ELEKTRONIK WSEN-ISDS MEMS-based sensors with a 3-axis accelerometer and integrated gyroscope provides selectable measuring ranges and data rates, improving versatility. To facilitate integration, sensor outputs pre-calibrated, processed data for application-specific functionalities of free-fall, wake-up, tap, activity, motion, tilt and orientation detection. The 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.86mm device comes in an LGA package and provides digital I²C and SPI interfaces as well as a FIFO buffer for storing output data. Linear and angular acceleration measurement extends from single-event registration to high frequency continuous vibration monitoring. Data rates can be selected up to 1400Hz for the accelerometer and up to 937Hz for the gyroscope. The output data rate extends to 6.66kHz. The module draws 0.69mA in high-power mode, but this goes down to 0.28mA in low-power mode to capture single pulses.

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