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Electric vehicles enter 'next phase': Gartner

15% of EV companies will be acquired or bankrupt

BROUGHT TO YOU BY - Mouser Electronics

Electrical and Thermal Surge Protection of Power Systems

5N Plus commercializes its GaN-on-Si patents

Montreal-based semi player launches rights for its portfolio of gallium-nitride-on-silicon technology

SEMI applauds CHIPS Act incentives for Intel

Manufacturing facilities in Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio and Oregon to bolster semiconductor supply


Delivering decades of electronics innovation: Ionocom

With over 20 years of expertise in design and development, electronics contract design company Ionocom Communications Inc. has carved out its distinct domain, focusing on circuit design, printed circuit boards (pcbs), embedded firmware, and PC-based software. » Read More...

800G Transceiver caters to AI networks, cloud data centres

POET TECHNOLOGIES Wavelight 800G 2xFR4 OSFP pluggable transceiver module incorporates firm’s Optical Interposer technology and related optical engine products, while targeting the optical module market for artificial intelligence and cloud data centre markets. » Read More...


Ultra-high-efficiency ac-dc ZVS flyback architecture boosts non-PFC output power

EGGTRONIC QuarEgg ZVS Flyback family of high-density power conversion solutions with an ultra-high-efficiency architecture that increases the power output available to designers before they are required to implement power factor correction (PFC). » Read More...


Single phase chassis mount EMI filters have compact form-factor

EMIS MF420 single phase chassis mount EMI filter family provides systems designers a small footprint device suitable for use in compact equipment such as home appliances and a wide range of electronic equipment. » Read More...


Heritage six-position voltage selector gets upgrade

SCHURTER SWZ voltage selector series has been upgraded by plating of terminals from tin to silver. The six-position selector features elevated mechanical and electrical performance. » Read More...


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