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Creation Technologies expands Markham facility

Toronto-area CEM celebrates ribbon cutting event

Honeywell & NXP Semis collaborate on smart building tech

Enhanced machine learning and autonomous decision-making will help enable more energy efficient, convenient solutions

Feds support expansion of ventureLAB services

$4.5M for next phase of the Hardware Catalyst Initiative - supporting 30 tech firms

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Join us for Canada’s only nationwide series of electronics shows!

EPTECH is a unique tradeshow that brings together members of Canada’s electronics industry and links them to the latest products, services and technology in a hands on, face-to-face environment.

Showcase your products and meet new customers at EPTECH, book your space before March 1 to save $100 per table.

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Security framework protects automotive image sensor data

There's no doubt that image sensors play a crucial role in advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. Today, the systems used to deliver the most advanced SAE Level 2 features typically utilize up to six image sensors, and that number is projected to increase significantly as more SAE Level 3 and beyond systems are introduced. » Read More...

Ultra-wideband child detection sensor car, IoT designs

NOVELDA X7 UWB Child Presence Detection (CPD) and Vital Signs Monitoring solution features robust child presence detection and in-cabin sensing with improved power consumption, down to below 100µW. » Read More...


MOSFET enables high-performance -density power designs

SEMIQ QSiC 1200V advanced silicon carbide (SiC) modules operate reliably in challenging conditions and enable high-performance, high-density implementation while minimizing both dynamic and static losses. » Read More...


Accelerator card democratizes AI with energy efficient offering

UNTETHER AI tsunAImi tsn200 accelerator card democratizes AI with a low-cost, energy efficient offering, while delivering high performance inference beyond the datacenter. Device ships with an end-to-end Smart City reference design, p » Read More...


Module simulates 8x8 MIMO connections for efficient 5G UE throughput tests

ANRITSU Butler Matrix 8x8 MA8118A module simulates 8x8 MIMO connections for efficient 5G UE throughput tests. » Read More...


DesignCon 2024    -    January 30, 2024

Where the Chip Meets the Board - Santa Clara CA » Read More...