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BlackBerry names new CEO

Calls off plans for IPO of Internet of Things business

AI leveraged to improve automotive design process

Research shows generative & predictive applications streamline aesthetic product design

Canadian electronic designers enjoy various AI benefits

EP&T poll results demonstrate attributes most sought after with artificial intelligence

Sponsored Spotlight 

RapidWave4000 High-speed Advanced Cable Tester

The RapidWave4000 is a high-speed advanced production cable tester that meets the demanding test requirements of USB Type-C, HDMI 2.1 and other cables with transfer rates up to 48 Gb/s. » Learn More

Human factors in design: A quick primer

To the consumer, products arrive in the world fully formed. Rarely, if at all, do they think about the series of steps that brings a given product from someone's imagination to their living room. And if they are thinking about those steps, it almost always means the product designer has done something wrong. That’s because the ideal outcome, for the product designer, is that their end-users never think of them at all. The consumer simply uses their product, happily, without complications or complaints, until it’s lost or broken. Of course, it takes an extraordinary amount of work to produce that ... » Read More...

Long-lasting flex cables boost performance

ALPHA WIRE Xtra-Guard Flex Part Number 86112 long-lasting flex cables improve performance in high-flex, high torsion and continuous-flex applications, such as motion control and robotics. Product is rated for up to 14 million flex life cycles » Read More...


Dc-dc converter ensures constant boosted voltage to cell tower

OMNION POWER Infinity-series NE070DC58AZ dc-dc converters add flexibility when powering radio equipment at the top of cell towers. Product boosts and regulates the nominal -48-voltVdc plant voltage commonly provided by an Infinity S or Infinity M power system » Read More...


Miniature, high reliability inductor comes in ultra-small package

DELEVAN C0603 miniature RF inductor comes in an ultra-small package size and is suitable for all market applications. Value-based devices are high reliability and are available as space rated (S Level) versions. » Read More...


Reliable RJ45 connectors serve harsh-environments

SWITCHCRAFT/CONXALL END series sealed RJ45 jack modular connector provides reliable, harsh environment performance in a smaller package. Incorporated into a sealed housing ensures devices are easy to terminate, while still offering data performance up to CAT6 when mated or using the optional cap. » Read More...