Electronic Products & Technology

The Transformation is More Than Digital
October 28, 2021 at 1:00pm


Uncovering the blind spots that are stopping Canadian Manufacturers to lead the World

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, one-third of industry leaders feared they were being outflanked by digitally enabled competitors. Then came a global pandemic that put the business world on notice: ride the wave of change or be swept away. Yet the pandemic has, in many ways, merely accelerated the inevitable, and smart manufacturers will see it as an opportunity to justify the large-scale changes they may already have been contemplating.

This webinar will present some of the initiatives and solutions required to adopt a digital-first approach to drive more business by focusing on the customer. Manufacturers that have taken advantage of Industry 4.0 report gains in performance, productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits, as well as reduced operating costs and success expanding into new markets.


• Highlight the trends influencing the industry and the need for a critical shift
• Identify the purpose of a digital transformation and the added business value objective
• Uncover blind spots with a design thinking approach through customer journey mapping
• Outline the keys to a successful digital transformation

Directors, VP’s and executives of sales, service, marketing, operations, and IT departments

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