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April 24, 2019 by Stephen Law

USB type-C connectors deliver waterproof protection

JAE ELECTRONICS DX07 Series USB Type-C receptacles provide waterproof protection. Devices are designed to eliminate the risk of small gaps forming during the reflow process, done through the use of an exclusive insert molding technique. As a result, IPX8-level protection…
February 1, 2019 by Stephen Law

Waterproof USB micro B, type C receptacles deliver IP67 ratings

CUI INTERCONNECT Waterproof USB connectors with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67, provide protection from moisture and environmental contaminants. Devices are available in USB Micro B and Type C receptacle formats, while conforming to either the USB 2.0 or USB…
November 22, 2018 by Stephen Law

Dual seal waterproof all-in-one S Series toggle switch

NKK SWITCHES S Series Dual Seal Waterproof all-in-one toggle switch provides a solution for design engineers when the application requires a highly reliable, double layer, waterproof toggle switch with an IP68-rating. Devices are available in 10 configurations with electrical capacity…
July 24, 2016 by Stephen Law

Corrosion resistant RF connectors are waterproof

INTELLICONNECT Pisces waterproof connectors come in a nickel aluminium bronze alloy, suitable for use in harsh environments. This material has a highly-durable non-reflective surface, provides a high level of corrosion resistance, is inherently resistant to erosion in desert type environments…