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March 19, 2020 by Stephen Law

Wideband RF signal analyzer also records streaming

TEKTRONIX RSA7100B wideband RF signal analyzer and streaming recorder for engineers working on the latest wideband designs in communications, radar and electronic warfare, provides more than 2.5-hours of streaming RF storage at 800MHz real-time bandwidth and its 16kHz to 26.5GHz…
March 5, 2020 by Stephen Law

Signal analyzer accelerates innovation in wireless comm

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIESN9021B MXA X-Series Signal Analyzer provides design validation and manufacturing engineers with enhanced phase noise performance at higher frequencies, and includes software that improves workflows while meeting 3GPP 5G new radio (NR) compliance standards. Units provide an enhanced frequency…
July 10, 2018 by Stephen Law

Wideband RF signal analyzer delivers streaming capabilities

TEKTRONIX IQFlow functionality has been added to firm’s RSA7100A wideband signal analysis solution, delivering the speed and flexibility needed to perform real-time digital signal processing (DSP) and support hardware in the loop (HWIL or HIL) test for radar and electronic…
July 19, 2017 by Stephen Law

Signal analyzer addresses 5G, wideband test requirements

ANRITSU MS2850A signal analyzer can cost efficiently and accurately evaluate 5G signals with the 800MHz modulation bandwidth (8 x 100MHz channels) associated with 5G designs. Unit provides analysis bandwidth up to 1GHz, dynamic range and high flatness performance. Model MS2850A…
November 2, 2016 by Stephen Law

Signal analyzer provides frequency coverage to 110GHz

KEYSIGHT  N9041B UXA X-Series signal analyzer provides frequency coverage to 110GHz with a maximum analysis bandwidth of up to 5GHz. Unit achieves low loss and efficient mixing, providing a displayed average noise level (DANL) as low as –150dBm/Hz when characterizing…