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December 22, 2019 by Stephen Law

Current sense chip resistor delivers value range down to 2 milliohm

STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS CSS0603 Series current sense chip resistor comes with ultra-precision 0603 metal foil rated at 0.33W of power and the 2m resistance value has a TCR of ±150ppm with tolerance capability as low as 1%. Devices combine improved environmental…
May 13, 2019 by Stephen Law

Ultra-precision metal film chip resistors boost reliability

KOA SPEER RN73R series metal film chip resistors boost reliability, meeting the demanding requirements of high heat and high moisture applications. Devices provide improved electrolytic corrosion resistance and high stability compared to firm’s existing RN73 thin film resistors. Devices improve…
April 20, 2019 by Stephen Law

Ultra precision current sense chips up to 80 milliohm resistance range

STACKPOLE ELECTRONICS CSSH2512 all metal current sense chip resistor is capable of precision tolerances as low as 0.5% and TCR as low as 15ppm. The resistance range for the 3W 2512 size chip has been expanded and now spans from…
October 30, 2018 by Stephen Law

Wide terminal resistors boost power ratings

KOA SPEER ELECTRONICS WK73R and WK73S Series Thick Film Wide Terminal Resistors are now available in WK73R1E (0204 size, 0.33 Watt), WK73S2A (0508 size, 1 Watt), WK73R2A (0508 size, 0.75Watt & 1 Watt) and WK73R2B (0612 size, 1 Watt). Devices…
September 2, 2018 by Stephen Law

Terminal-surge current flat chip resistor comes in 1020 package

KOA SPEER WG73 wide terminal type surge current flat chip resistor is available in a 1020 package with a 1Watt power rating. Anti-surge device provides a T.C.R. of ±100ppm/°C, a resistance range of 560mΩ ~ 1KΩ, a standard tolerance of…
June 3, 2018 by Stephen Law

Power shunt current sense resistor delivers 12W

KOA SPEER 0.2mΩ Power Shunt Current Sense Resistor provides a 12 Watt power rating and is available in a 3920 package. Devices deliver ultra low resistance suitable for large current sensing, as well as a broad operating temperature range of…
August 17, 2017 by Stephen Law

Foil precision resistors are MIL grade

VPG Model 303337 ultra-high precision military and space-grade resistor provides high-performance current sensing within mission-critical applications. Device produces a highly precise voltage that is directly proportional to measured current levels, with significantly reduced component sensitivity to applied power changes, including…
November 4, 2016 by Stephen Law

1.5W Metal plate current sense resistor comes in 1206 size

KOA SPEER TLR2BP Current Sense Resistor delivers a 1.5 Watt power rating in a 1206 package. The metal plate device provides improved dimension accuracy and low height with a thickness as low as 0.6mm. Product improves corrosion and heat resistance with an operating…
May 21, 2016 by Stephen Law

Ultra-low ohmic current sense resistor is high power

BOURNS Model CSS series of high power, ultra-low ohmic current sense resistor products helps power electronics developers save energy while maximizing sensing performance in designs. Devices provide feature low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) for operating accuracy over wide temperature ranges…