Electronic Products & Technology

November 19, 2019 by Stephen Law

Miniature relay modules, SSRs reduce inventory

WEIDMULLER TERMSERIES miniature relay modules and solid-state relays (SSRS) for control digital input isolation and actuator drives. Pluggable 24V – 230Vac/dc relay modules reduce inventory. Devices provide high visability status indication, while two changeover contacts double the function and offer…
October 10, 2018 by Stephen Law

Tiny S-class MOSFET relay boosts switching capacity, minimizes energy loss

HEILIND Omron G3VM-QR-S-VSON MOSFET class S relay‚Äôs compact footprint allows for high-density mounting, while its low ON resistance and CxR translate into minimal energy loss and exceptional signal integrity. Device provides high switching capacity and enhanced dielectric strength between I/O…
May 9, 2018 by Stephen Law

Industrial relay system comes with screw connection

PHOENIX CONTACT RIFLINE complete industrial relay system allows installer to execute all standard relay applications, as the device provides high availability through pluggable relays and function modules. Product portfolio is available with screw connection in addition to Push-in connection technology.…
March 9, 2018 by Stephen Law

UL Approved relay comes in small, light weight package

CIT RELAY & SWITCH J097 Series UL approved relay provides switching capacity up to 10A in a small and light weight package. Measuring 18 x 10 x 15mm, device has 1C contact arrangement with coil voltage options from 3Vdc up…
January 30, 2018 by Stephen Law

Tiny relay enables pcb space savings

Potter & Brumfield relay T9G series 30A power pcb relay for HVAC, appliances and industrial control applications, is among the smallest relay in its class. Device provides a 30% smaller package size and 13% less pcb floor space all while…
October 20, 2017 by Stephen Law

Small, powerful relay extends contact gap

POTTER & BRUMFIELD T9V series power pcb relay provides 40A / 250Vac ratings in a small form factor, enabling pcb space savings and smaller applications. The extended contact gap (>1.8mm) provides better isolation and full disconnection of the grid, enabling…
February 6, 2017 by Stephen Law

Multi-purpose relay requires low power consumption

AMERICAN ZETTLER AZ7555 multi-purpose relay with extremely low power consumption, serves as a reliable solution for energy efficient plug-and-play switching applications. The industry-standard footprint device comes with a standard coil consumption of 720mW, redesigned to use 120mW, hence consuming just…
December 21, 2016 by Stephen Law

Reliable relay provides low power consumption

AMERICAN ZETTLER AZ7555 industry-standard footprint relay with a standard coil consumption of 720mW was redesigned to use 120mW, consuming just one-sixth the energy of conventional 5mm pin general purpose devices and costing 20% to 30% less than equivalent latching relays.…