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December 13, 2019 by Stephen Law

Flux paste repairs special applications

EMIL OTTO EO-FP-002 flux paste is developed for SMD repair applications and suitable for both SnPb, as well as Pb-free alloys. Product is characterized by a high level of activity and good wetting and dispersion behaviour. The precise application takes…
October 11, 2019 by Stephen Law

Articulating paste retainers improve SMT printing

TRANSITION AUTOMATION Fourth generation design of articulating paste retainer incorporates new features and benefits for SMT printing users. Devices serve as an important part of the SMT squeegee that keeps the solder paste within the printing area of the stencil.…
May 5, 2019 by Stephen Law

Solder paste serves nitrogen and air reflow applications

KESTER WP616 zero-halogen, lead-free, water-soluble solder paste formula is suitable for both nitrogen and air reflow applications. Product provides a combination of consistent print performance at wide humidity levels, boosts solderability and ease of cleaning, while maintaining a zero-halogen flux…
April 2, 2019 by Stephen Law

Lead-free solder paste is no clean

KESTER NP560 no-clean, lead-free, halogen-free solder paste consistently delivers paste transfer efficiencies of 0.50 to 0.55 AR and is fully capable of printing and reflowing 01005 components, even in air, with minimal graping behavior. Product provides stable, consistent product performance,…
March 8, 2019 by Stephen Law

Lead-free solder paste is no-clean

KESTER NP505-LT no-clean, lead-free, zero-halogen solder paste is for assemblies that have temperature sensitive substrates and components. Warping is becoming more evident with the trend towards complex boards and the trend of using thinner and larger packages and boards. The…
January 20, 2019 by Stephen Law

Solder paste printer automates changeover system

YAMAHA MOTOR YSP10 High-speed, high-precision universal, high-end solder paste printer boasts a completely automatic changeover system that features a completely programmable squeegee angle adjustment and stencil suction mechanism as standard equipment. Unit enables full automation of production changeover, which typically…
November 18, 2018 by Stephen Law

Solder paste jet system improves dispense accuracy

NORDSON EFD Liquidyn P-Jet SolderPlus jetting valve is designed for non-contact dispensing of solder pastes. Firm’s solder paste formulations save time and streamline implementation by delivering a complete solder jetting solution. Dispense micro-deposits as small as 700µm at speeds up…