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February 5, 2020 by Stephen Law

Electrical test solution serves USB4

TELEDYNE LECROY QualiPHY USB4 Electrical Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) Compliance Test Software (QPHY-USB4-TX-RX) is designed for LabMaster 10 Zi-A and WaveMaster/SDA 8 Zi-B oscilloscopes, used in conjunction with Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R (SQA-R) MP1900A BERT. This combination provides USB4…
September 10, 2019 by Stephen Law

Single box, multi-channel test solution delivers wideband mmWave measurements

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES UXR-Series of oscilloscopes are a single box multi-channel solution for wideband mmWave measurements. Units deliver fast, affordable, coherent analysis for wideband measurements up to 110GHz; accelerating development of next generation mmWave communications, satellite communications and radar applications. In…
April 8, 2019 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscopes come with 15.4” display, deep toolbox

TELEYNE LECROY WaveRunner 9000 Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes come with a large, 15.4” display, bandwidths from 500 MHz to 4 GHz and sample rates up to 40GS/s. Unit provides a deep toolbox and a complete collection of serial data debug and…
March 6, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Pico signs reseller agreement with Navair

Mississauga-based distributor seeks to enhance its test and measurement offering in Canada
January 9, 2019 by Stephen Law

Entry-level oscilloscope delivers professional functionality

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes are 200MHz, 4-channel models that provide professional-level measurements and capabilities at an affordable price, including 4-wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) decode and remote connection via local area networks (LANs). Units come with an intuitive…
September 21, 2018 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscopes come with upgradeable 13 to 110GHz platform

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Infiniium UXR-Series of oscilloscopes comes with models ranging from 13 to 110GHz of true analog bandwidth, boosting signal integrity. Products come with improved performance levels and combine a wide selection of bandwidth choices. Units deliver a low noise floor…
July 24, 2018 by Stephen Law

Real-time oscilloscopes speed research for terabit innovators

KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Infiniium UXR series oscilloscopes support terabit research with real-time bandwidth up to 110GHz, sample rate (256GSa/s) and improved signal integrity (lowest noise and jitter). Unit provides advanced capabilities that enable leading-edge researchers to accelerate time to market with…
May 25, 2018 by Stephen Law

HD oscilloscopes capture every detail

TELEDYNE LECROY WavePro HD high-definition oscilloscopes combines HD4096 12-bit technology and 8GHz bandwidth for low noise and pristine signal fidelity. With a maximum of 5Gpoints of fast, responsive and easily navigable acquisition memory, product acquires fine waveform details over long…
May 22, 2018 by Andreas Grimm, product sales manager oscilloscopes, Rohde & Schwarz

The performance advantages of 10-bit A/D converters in oscilloscopes

High vertical resolution of analog-to-digital converters provides more signal details
May 2, 2018 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscopes deliver large acquisition memory

TELEDYNE LECROY WaveSurfer 3000z oscilloscopes provide a 10.1” capacitive touch screen, a vast set of debug and analysis tools, multi-instrument capabilities, feature/option upgrades, and support for a wider probe range. Unit comes in five models with bandwidths from 100MHz to…
September 17, 2017 by Stephen Law

All-in-one oscilloscope includes multiple built-in instruments

GWINSTEK MDO-2000E Series Oscilloscopes combines several test instruments in one enclosure. An actual spectrum analyzer is included in the design, not just an FFT calculation to display the frequency domain. Product series includes two instrument combinations: MDO-2000EG and MDO-2000EX. MDO-2000EG…
September 15, 2017 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscopes available at 100MHz or 200MHz bandwidths

RIGOL  DS2000E Series 200MHz, 2 channel oscilloscopes are available at either 100MHz or 200MHz bandwidths. All models provide 2 analog channels with 50ohm input impedance standard. With real-time sample rate of 1GS/Sec (on both channels), memory depth of up to…