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December 23, 2019 by Stephen Law

Mid-sized OpenVPX dev chassis serves RF modules, equipment

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES VPXD1000 series allows various VITA 67 slot configurations for RF interfaces over OpenVPX. The chassis can be partitioned for a separate segment for specialty RF devices or your SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) implementation. Unit comes in a…
December 9, 2019 by Stephen Law

OpenVPX chassis manager is compliant to VITA 46.11 spec

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES SHM200 chassis management module for OpenVPX that is compliant to the VITA 46.11 specification for system management. Product comes in 0.8” or 1.0” pitch sizes. Unit can plug into a standard 3U VPX backplane slot, with versions with…
October 13, 2019 by Stephen Law

Chassis platform comes with 9 or 16-slot OpenVPX 6U backplanes

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES RiCool OpenVPX chassis platform line includes chassis configurations for 9-slot and 16-slot OpenVPX backplanes, which come in the 6U height. Units provide powerful and reliable cooling for high-CFM requirements. The front-to-rear cooled 9U tall enclosure pulls air from…
June 20, 2019 by Stephen Law

6U VITA 66/67 hybrid development chassis mixes optical connectors

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES 6U OpenVPX chassis platform with a mix of VITA 66.4 optical connectors and VITA 67.3 RF connectors. The open frame chassis provides a 6-slot 6U OpenVPX backplane with the RF and optical connector cutouts. The specialty connectors can…
March 1, 2019 by Stephen Law

6U OpenVPX backplanes come in new configurations

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES OpenVPX backplanes for 6U applications come in new configurations including a 9-slot, 6-slot power and ground, 5-slot, and a 1-slot development backplane. The 5-slot unit has a BKP6-CEN05-11.2.5 profile and it features PCIe Gen3 speed performance. Firm now…
November 17, 2018 by Stephen Law

Development chassis serve 3U OpenVPX boards

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES VPXD0500 series open-frame embedded computing development platform for OpenVPX and other backplane architectures. Product series accepts as many as eight slots of 3U OpenVPX backplanes in a 1-inch pitch. The enclosure also accepts other 3U backplanes such as CompactPCI or VME. Versions…
June 17, 2018 by Stephen Law

1+1 Slot 6U OpenVPX backplane suits prototyping

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES 6U OpenVPX backplane with 1 VPX slot and 1 VITA 62 slot for a pluggable power supply, has pass-through signals to the RTM (rear transition modules) with only power and ground connected. Many rugged applications utilize VITA 62…
March 30, 2018 by Stephen Law

Chassis dev platform mixes in conduction, air cooled card guides

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES OpenVPX Development Chassis platforms provides a mix of card guides that allow IEEE 1101.10 air cooled and IEEE 1101.2 conduction cooled boards to be tested in the same enclosure. Product allows the use of Rear Transition Modules (RTMs) and…