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January 28, 2020 by Stephen Law

Dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generators come in 3 models

B&K PRECISION 4060B Series Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators consist of 40MHz, 80MHz, and 120MHz models. Units produce stable and precise sine, square, triangle, pulse and arbitrary waveforms with 16-bit vertical resolution. Product’s dual architecture design combines the cost-saving benefits…
November 11, 2019 by Stephen Law

16Bit arbitrary function generators serve rugged applications

RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES DG2000 Series of arbitrary function 16Bit generators serve the needs of more rugged and industrial applications. Unit delivers the same performance specifications and features as firm’s DG900 Series and includes all of the same advanced SiFi II capabilities.…
December 5, 2018 by Gap Wireless Inc.

Boosting Bench DMM and Function/Waveform Generator Memory

Whether it’s a basic Handheld Multimeter or a powerful bench Power Supply that’s needed to get the job done, Gap Wireless carries a broad range of portable, bench and system instruments that can meet basic to complex testing challenges. Gap Wireless, a leading…
November 21, 2018 by Stephen Law

Dual-channel, multi-function AWGs deliver high-definition vertical voltage resolution

TELEDYNE LECROY High Definition, dual-channel arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) are branded T3AWG3252 (250MHz) and T3AWG3352 (350MHz) and provide 16 bits of vertical voltage resolution, an output voltage window of up to ±24V, and waveform memory of up to 1GS/channel. The…
September 27, 2018 by Stephen Law

AWGs provide stable, low-jitter signals to 100MHz

RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES DG800 Series 10/25/35MHz Single- and Dual-channel Generators sample at 125MSa/sec and produce advanced signals from a 2Mpt (8Mpt optional) memory. DG900 Series 50/70/100MHz Dual Channel Function Generators have a sampling rate of 250MSa/sec and a huge 16Mpt memory. Units can…