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March 30, 2020 by Stephen Law

Dc-dc converters deliver 20kVdc isolation

SAGER ELECTRONICS RECOM Power RHV2 and RHV3 series of dc-dc converters provide improved high 20kVdc isolation in a compact SIP16 case. With input voltages available at 5, 12 or 24Vdc and output voltages at 5V, 12V, 24V, ±5V or ±12V,…
October 21, 2019 by Stephen Law

600mA, 1000mA POL load converters come in 9-72V in and 3.3-24V out ranges

TRACO POWER TSR 0.6WI and TSR 1WI non-isolated point-of-load converters come in the industry standard SIP-3 package commonly used by LMxx series linear regulators. The ultra-wide 8:1 input range of 9-72Vdc deliver versatility for designers to standardize on one converter…
June 2, 2019 by Stephen Law

200W, 250W dc-dc converters come in standard quarter brick format

GAÏA CONVERTER MGDI-204 and MGDI-254 families of quarter brick dc-dc converters provide unprecedented power at 200W and 250W. Devices provide wide input voltage range of 9 36Vdc, making them suitable for 12V, 24V or 28V applications in ground-borne industrial or…
December 5, 2018 by Stephen Law

Ac-dc converters boost reliability and performance

AIMTEC AC-DC series converters boost reliability and performance, delivering a commercial input voltage range of 85-264Vac and an output voltage range from 3.3-24V. Product series of ac-dc converters provide operating temperatures from -40C to 85C or -40C to 70C (AMEL3/5/6-VZ)…
October 30, 2018 by Stephen Law

Dual output dc-dc converters have 4:1 input range

TDK-LAMBDA AMERICAS CCG series 15W and 30W rated dual output CCG dc-dc converters operate over a 4:1 input range and are enclosed in a 1×1-inch six-sided shielded metal case. Devices are available with +/-12V or +/-15V outputs which can be…
May 22, 2018 by Andreas Grimm, product sales manager oscilloscopes, Rohde & Schwarz

The performance advantages of 10-bit A/D converters in oscilloscopes

High vertical resolution of analog-to-digital converters provides more signal details
May 21, 2018 by Stephen Law

2W medical dc-dc converter comes in compact DIP or SMD package

TRACO POWER TIM 2 and TIM 2 SM family of medical 2 Watt dc-dc converters in compact DIP 16 or SMD 16 package measures 0.95 x 0.57 x 0.40”. TIM 2 series is suitable for healthcare products. Both product families…