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May 26, 2018 by Stephen Law

Small, rugged fiber optic connector survives harsh environments

BULGIN 4000 Series Fiber Simplex LC fiber optic connectors are specialized for use in harsh environments. Device’s small form factor is useful where installation space is limited or multiple connectors need to be accommodated. Product provides a secure quick twist…
April 29, 2018 by Stephen Law

Harting Roadshow Truck to roll thru Canada

German-based interconnect provider adds new territory sales manager for Ontario
February 13, 2018 by Stephen Law

Harting remains focused on connection to Industry 4.0 customer base

4.0 Innovator: One on one with Philip Harting
January 24, 2018 by Stephen Law

Interchangeable, intermateable connectors suit harsh environments

SOURIAU Trim Trio series of harsh environment connectors are based on a contact platform that can be shared among several connector designs. Product series utilizes a trio of size 30 AWG – 6 AWG contacts (machined, stamped & formed and…
January 13, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

Advanced Interconnections transitions to ISO 9001:2015 Standard

Advanced Interconnections Corp. (AIC), manufacturer of PC board connectors and semiconductor sockets, recently announce the successful recertification of its quality management system to the newest ISO 9001 Standard, which is focused on consistently meeting customer and regulatory requirements while striving for process…
October 6, 2017 by Stephen Law

Ultra-miniature USB 3.0 connectors are lightweight

FISCHER MiniMax Series of Ultra-miniature USB 3.0 connectors are lightweight and high-density. Product Series has been extended to include a new dedicated USB 3.0 contact block in the 08 size; a robust, IP68 solution that meets needs for even faster…
September 19, 2017 by Phill Shaw, senior product manager for board level products, HARTING North America

How DIN components keep finding new relevance

As newer connector designs evolve, offering higher transmission speeds and smaller contact spacing, some traditional connector series continue to develop new features of their own to maintain market relevance. Take the standard DIN 41 612 electrical connector. Its demise has…
September 12, 2017 by Stephen Law

Wireless connectors deliver simultaneous access point

PHOENIX CONTACT FL WLAN 1100 connectors provide a dual WLAN interface delivering simultaneous access point and client function. The wireless module combines an access point and antenna in a single device to provide a space-saving and inexpensive WLAN connection for…
August 17, 2017 by Stephen Law

Connector boosts data transmission performance in automotive housing

ROSENBERGER H-MTD connectors (High-Speed Modular Twisted-Pair Data) combine high-performance data transmission up to 15GHz or 20Gbps and small package sizes in robust and space saving automotive housings. Due to its modular design, the 360° fully shielded differential connector system enables…
August 13, 2017 by Stephen Law

BMA connectors, adapters operate to 22GHz max frequency

PASTERNACK Line of 52 BMA connectors and adapters provides maximum operating frequency of 22GHz and can be used in applications that include blind mating, rack and panels, phased array systems. Product line is made up of 45 connectors with VSWR…
March 28, 2017 by Stephen Law

Overmoulded connector protects in harsh environments

CONEC Superseal series of overmoulded valve connectors provide TPU overmould enhancing protection against external influences in harsh environments and is also tamper-proof. Originally used in the automotive industry, devices provide housings with a single wire seal and rubber boot. Product…
March 17, 2017 by Stephen Law

Target connectors are low profile

MILL-MAX Series 815 and 817 (single and double row respectively) low profile target connectors come with an above board height of 2.21mm. Devices are used in place of SMT pads on a pcb as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins.…