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October 20, 2019 by Stephen Law

3W ac-dc converter serves smart home appliances

AIMTEC AME3-HAVZ 3W ac-dc converter series is targeted at smart home and IoT applications. Device features a compact size, high efficiency and reliability, and meets EN/UL 60335 – a requirement for home appliances. Product series offers multiple safety features, such…
August 18, 2019 by Stephen Law

GaN-based ac-dc converter ICs boost power, efficiency

POWER INTEGRATIONS InnoSwitch 3 families of offline CV/CC flyback switcher ICs provide up to 95% efficiency across the full load range and up to 100W in enclosed adapter implementations without requiring a heatsink. This performance is achieved using an internally…
February 15, 2019 by Stephen Law

60W ac-dc converter boosts reliability, performance

AIMTEC AME60-VZ 60W ac-dc converter delivers improved cost effectiveness due to material normalization and production automation, providing improved reliability and performance. Device provides a commercial input voltage range of 85-264Vac and output voltages of 5, 12, 15, 24 & 48Vdc.…
November 28, 2017 by Stephen Law

3W ac-dc converter integrated CAN/485 transceiver serves industrial control designs

MORNSUN TLAxx-03KCAN & TLAxx-03K485 series 3W ac-dc power supplies with integrated CAN/485 transceiver can directly get power from ac 220V. Devices come in compact size and are cost-effective and suitable for industrial control, grid power and instrumentation applications. There are two…
July 25, 2016 by Stephen Law

Ac-dc converter specialized for 3-phase, four-wire system

MORNSUN LS03-16BxxSS and LD03-16Bxx series 3W three-phase four-wire ac-dc converters meet UL60950/EN60950/FCC part 15 standards. Product series provides 90~528Vac wide input range and meet the requirements of 3×220VAC/380Vac nominal voltage and any two-wire connection from three-phase four-wire system. Devices provide high efficiency up to 76%, 4000Vac isolation and output short-circuit…