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ProductMedical Wearable TechnologyCircuit Protection
February 10, 2016  

Metal wristband provides a magnetic connection to coil cord

NewsEngineering IoT Medical Printable Electronics Supply Chain Wearable TechnologyElectronics Embedded Systems Engineering Software
February 9, 2016  

Global leaders chart the next big tech growth sector

NewsEngineering IoT Wearable TechnologyElectronics Wireless
February 8, 2016  

Worldwide wearable devices sales expected to grow

FeatureEngineering Wearable TechnologyElectronics Wireless
January 25, 2016  

Are e-textiles on the cusp of rapid growth?

NewsEngineering Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyElectronics
January 23, 2016  

XRCC and NanoIntegris advance flexible electronic devices with thin film transistor package

ProductWearable TechnologyPower Supply / Management
January 20, 2016  

Miniaturized energy devices speeds charging process

NewsEngineering IoT Medical Supply Chain Wearable TechnologyElectronics
December 23, 2015  

Global wearables shipments to surpass 200M in 2019

NewsEngineering IoT Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyElectronics Wireless
December 22, 2015  

Industry leaders lend support to printable electronics symposium

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
December 7, 2015  

Worldwide wearables market soars

NewsEngineering Wearable TechnologyElectronics
December 3, 2015  

Wearable tech is sport’s next big thing

ProductIoT Wearable Technology
October 31, 2015  

Low power battery management suits wearable, IoT designs

NewsEngineering Wearable TechnologyElectronics Engineering Software
October 28, 2015  

Virtual reality enters a new realm

NewsIoT Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyElectronics
October 19, 2015  

Consumer electronics show coming to Toronto area

NewsEngineering IoT Medical Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyElectronics
October 16, 2015  

Electronics Fair & electronicAsia open in Hong Kong

FeatureWearable TechnologyEngineering Software Regulations & Standards
October 13, 2015  

Wellness products versus medical devices

NewsIoT Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyElectronics
October 9, 2015  

Gartner identifies top 10 strategic tech trends for 2016

NewsWearable TechnologyEngineering Software
October 5, 2015  

Wearable designers challenged by lack of info on consumer usage

NewsEngineering IoT Wearable TechnologyElectronics Wireless
September 29, 2015  

Microcontroller market growth tied to rise in IoT

NewsEngineering Medical Wearable TechnologyElectronics Wireless
September 17, 2015  

Healthcare, infotainment top key wearable technology markets

NewsEngineering Medical Wearable TechnologyPower Supply / Management
September 4, 2015  

Flexible batteries enable sensing smart labels

NewsEngineering IoT Wearable TechnologyElectronics
August 29, 2015  

Sensors to enable $70B wearable technology market by 2025

NewsIoT Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyElectronics
August 23, 2015  

Waterloo to host Innovation Summit

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
August 19, 2015  

Wearable market to see most growth in North America

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
August 12, 2015  

Nymi achieves biometrically authenticated wearable payment

NewsEngineering Wearable TechnologyElectronics
August 10, 2015  

Virtual reality gaming, smart TVs, wearables increase gesture sensing control shipments

ProductWearable TechnologyCircuit Protection
August 6, 2015  

Ultra-minature SMT tact switch boosts life cycle

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
July 11, 2015  

‘Wearable for the mind’ launches new era of brain research

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
June 25, 2015  

Smart watches boost consumer confidence in tech spending

NewsMedical Wearable TechnologyElectronics
June 11, 2015  

Health, wearables and 5G topics emerge at IMS2015

NewsContract Manufacturing IoT Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyAutomation / Robotics Electronics Production / Materials Wireless
May 1, 2015  

OCE Discovery conference breaks all records

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
April 30, 2015  

Tech leaders see wearables working in the workplace

NewsIoT Medical Printable Electronics Wearable TechnologyAutomation / Robotics Electronics Production / Materials Wireless
April 28, 2015  

OCE’s Discovery celebrates 10 years of innovation with largest-ever show

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
April 17, 2015  

Swiss army knife maker plans foray into smartwatches

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
April 16, 2015  

Corporate wellness programs to drive wearables growth

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
March 11, 2015  

51M wearables purchased globally in 2015

NewsWearable TechnologyElectronics
February 18, 2015  

Montreal OEM aims to reinvent the smartwatch, smartphone