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July 6, 2017 by Stephen Law

Waterloo tech startups enter Google exchange program

Teams in the A.I and Machine Learning vertical headed to Kitchener/Waterloo represent a range of industries and metros including Australia, Brazil, Colorado and Toronto.
July 5, 2017 by Monica Westman Svenselius, Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Sweden

Swedish University achieves high-precision control of printed electronics

Printed electronic transistor circuits and displays, in which the colour of individual pixels can be changed, are two of many applications of ground-breaking research at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics in Sweden. New groundbreaking results on these topics have been…
June 28, 2017 by Mick Kulikowski and Mehmet Ozturk, North Carolina State University

New design improves performance of flexible wearable electronics

North Carolina State University engineers designed a flexible thermoelectric energy harvester that could rival the effectiveness of existing power wearable electronics using body heat as its only energy source.
June 25, 2017 by Stephen Law

CPEIA & SEMI FlexTech associations reach partnership

The Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) and SEMI | FlexTech have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support each other’s programs and drive the continued development and adoption of printable, flexible hybrid and wearable electronics (PE and FHE). SEMI…
June 22, 2017 by James Urton, University of Washington

Connecting biology with electronics – be rigid, yet flexible

If you want to interface electronics and biology, you need a material that effectively communicates across those two realms - reports University of Washington
May 30, 2017 by Stephen Law

Curtain to rise on EPTECH trade show in Vancouver

Trade show for members of electronics industry will be held at Molson Canadian Theatre on June 1st in Coquitlam BC - free attendance and free parking.
May 26, 2017 by Stephen Law

CPES2017 event recognizes Canadian excellence

Voltera Inc., Information Mediary Corp., NanoCnet Ltd. each recognized at Canadian printed electronics conference in Toronto
May 26, 2017 by Stephen Law

Automotive artificial intelligence continues to climb

Investment in AI Software, Hardware, and Services Will Enable Autonomous Driving in Addition to Personalized Services, Predictive Maintenance, Localization and Mapping, and Numerous Other Automotive Use Cases
May 24, 2017 by Stephen Law

$100 Million Industry Challenge launched at CPES2017

Call for more sector investment at Canada’s premier event for printable, flexible & wearable electronics
May 18, 2017 by Stephen Law

Lead-free solder alloy reduces voiding, tin whiskers

AIM SOLDER REL61 lead-free solder alloy addresses issues such as voiding, cost, durability and tin whiskers. Product has reduced voiding on BTC packages by more than 45%, increasing both thermal performance and solder joint integrity. Product delivers a low cost…
May 11, 2017 by Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, Research Director, IDTechEx

Stretchable electronics defined: report sheds light supply sector

Stretchable Electronics is a term that conceals great diversity. Indeed, it is an umbrella term that refers to a whole host of emerging electronic materials, components and devices that exhibit some degree of mechanical stretchability. Stretchable electronics has been in…
May 10, 2017 by Stephen Law

Many head-turning innovations to display at Discovery

Hyperloop, smart homes, a personal helicopter, wearable technology, healthtech and cleantech among the advancements on display at Metro Convention Centre in Toronto next week