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September 27, 2015 by Stephen Law

Dc servo motor with integrated motor controller boosts performance

NANOTEC PD6-C brushless dc servo motor with integrated controller delivers improved power density in relation to its size. Device is available in two versions – as a high-pole stepper motor in various lengths with a maximum nominal torque of 8.8Nmm,…
September 26, 2015 by Stephen Law

Anti-surge resistors achieve high working voltages

STACKPOLE ASR / ASRM Series of anti-surge resistors utilize a high voltage power film to achieve high working voltages and high overload voltages. Devices withstand repeated high voltage pulses of up to 10KV every 5 seconds with very little resistance…
September 25, 2015 by Stephen Law

TVS delivers tighter ± 3.5 % breakdown voltage tolerance

VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY SMBJXXD series of surface-mount TransZorb transient voltage suppressors (TVS) in the low-profile DO-214AA package achieve ± 3.5 % breakdown voltage tolerance and very low reverse leakage current. Compared to previous-generation devices, devices provide improved clamping features with higher…
September 25, 2015 by Stephen Law

Optically clear silicone gels enable next-gen digital displays

LS1-3443 and Gel 8136 Optically Clear Silicone Gels for solid state lighting, provide greater light output and optical clarity while also improving both impact and heat-resistance. This enables LCD screen manufacturers to create next-generation displays for smart phones and stadium…
September 24, 2015 by Stephen Law

CO lasers enhance capabilities for medical applications

COHERENT J-35µm next generation carbon monoxide (CO) laser enhances processing characteristics for materials processing applications ranging from glass cutting and via drilling, to fractional skin resurfacing. Devices output at a wavelength of approximately 5µm, as opposed to 10.6 µm for…
September 17, 2015 by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx

Healthcare, infotainment top key wearable technology markets

The wearable technology market will be $24.2 billion in 2015
September 5, 2015 by Stephen Law

NIST helps bring contactless fingerprint technology to market

Quickly moving through security checkpoints by showing your hand to a scanner seems straight out of science fiction, but the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working with industry to bring fast, touchless fingerprint readers out of the…
September 4, 2015 by Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx, Cambridge UK

Flexible batteries enable sensing smart labels

Set to become a $400M market by enabling new products
September 2, 2015 by Stephen Law

Wearables, bioelectronics seek better energy storage

Diverse personal medical devices including implants are demanding light, flexible, powerful and safe energy storage solutions, pushing the boundaries of batteries.
July 27, 2015 by EP&T Magazine

Disposable connectors meet disposable medical needs

FISCHER CONNECTORS Push-pull circular connectors and cable assemblies for medical device manufacturers are designed to be disposable after a small number of uses. Devices are cost effective, yet do not compromise on quality. Whether directly mounted in a disposable hand piece,…
July 20, 2015 by EP&T Magazine

High attenuation delivered in EMI suppression filters

MURATA BNX26-29 surface mount, LC combined-type EMI suppression filters for the automotive, industrial electronic equipment and healthcare applications incorporate an exclusive circuit configuration that combines capacitors and ferrite beads to achieve superior frequency characteristics and improved attenuation characteristics for highly effective…
June 11, 2015 by EP&T Magazine

Health, wearables and 5G topics emerge at IMS2015

8,600 Participants convene upon record-breaking exhibitors in Phoenix