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Vapour phase soldering delivers flexible profiling

October 24, 2020  Stephen Law

REHM THERMAL SYSTEM Condenso Series Condensation Soldering (vapour phase soldering) systems deliver heat transfer up to 10-times higher than convection soldering, so even large, high-mass boards can be reliably processed in a stable atmosphere, using vacuum technology. Vapour phase soldering provides a greater range of flexibility. The usage of an injection principle and the control of the temperature, injection quantity, number of injections and the pressure (vacuum) facilitates more precise and diverse reflow profiling. The soldering process takes place in a hermetically sealed process chamber.

With condensation soldering, a film of liquid builds up with the aid of the heat-conducting medium, Galden, which is distributed throughout the entire process chamber and surrounds the whole assembly and evaporates. The vapour condenses for as long as the assembly takes to reach a soldering temperature of between 240°C and 260°C. Galden is perfluoropolyether, a liquid polymer that consists of carbon, fluorine and oxygen. 

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