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Ultrafine no clean solder is a zero-halogen paste

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AIM SOLDER NC259FPA Ultrafine No Clean Solder Paste is a zero-halogen paste engineered for precise print definition with type 6 and smaller alloy powders through stencil apertures less than 150µm in diameter. Suitable for miniLED, microLED, die attach, micro BGA, and HDI boards, product features enhanced wetting, high transfer efficiency, high reliability and high tack force for mass transfer. Product is formulated specifically for Type 6 and finer solder powders, as it delivers efficient transfer rates and precise print definition. The NC259FPA activator system promotes improved wetting on various surface finishes, resulting in strong shear values of up to 150 gf. It also leaves residue with high Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) values and a clear appearance.

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