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Ultra-low-power haptic chip solves power problem with HD touch

Stephen Law   

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BOREAS TECHNOLOGIES BOS1901 low-power piezoelectric driver integrated circuit (IC) for high-definition (HD) haptic feedback in wearables and other battery-powered consumer devices. Product delivers 10X power savings over its nearest piezoelectric competitor, as well as 4X to 20X power savings over other incumbent technologies (LRA, ERM). This combined with device’s footprint of 4x4x0.8 mm, opens HD haptic feedback to even the smallest battery-powered electronics. Product delivers low latency response, with a start up time of < 300µs. Device delivers off-the-shelf compatibility, while supporting third-party haptic-effect libraries, allowing designers to customize user experiences. Device provides a wide supply voltage range of 3 to 5.5V and supports integration in most devices without any extra power-supply hardware, reducing BOM. Device’s differential output drives one bipolar piezoelectric actuator or two unipolar piezoelectric actuators, reducing the number of drivers necessary for localized haptic applications, conserving precious board space. 



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