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Ultra-flat, versatile power supplies serve embedded solutions

EOS POWER VPS600/1000 series of medical and commercial high-efficiency ac-dc products for embedded solutions are innovatively cooled. WLC550 and the ultra-flat ULP series from 25W to 275 W – are all based on standard footprints are leading open frame supplies in their classes, due to the close integration of product development and manufacturing. VPS series enters the midsize output segment above 600W and are less than 1U flat, and deliver 600 to 1000W, depending on the cooling options selected.

WLC series provides up to 250 Watt conduction cooled and up to 550W output with forced air, depending on its cooling options and due to its exceptional double plate thermal spreading technology. Both product series can be operated in parallel mode, and offer multiple mounting, cooling and modification options. 

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