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Tiny SAW duplexers, filters contribute to denser circuit design

August 31, 2020  Stephen Law

MURATA SAYAV Series, SAYARV Series, and SAYAP Series SAW duplexers and SAFFW Series filters allow transmitters and receivers to share a common antenna while electronically splitting the transmission and receiving lines. Devices meet the acute need for smaller SAW devices that transmit and receive signals at certain frequencies. SAW duplexers supporting the 700MHz to 2.6GHz bands are packaged in 1.6mm x 1.2mm (length x width) form factor, and SAFFW Series of SAW filters are packaged in a 0.9mm x 0.7mm (length x width) form factor, making the duplexers approx. 24% and the filters approx. 37% smaller than conventional models. This makes possible significant reductions in mounting area on electronic circuits and contributes to high-density circuit design. 

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