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Thermally conductive, electrically non-conductive epoxy has low outgassing

December 13, 2021  Stephen Law

MASTER BOND EP40TC two part epoxy system is designed for bonding, sealing and encapsulating applications where thermal conductivity and electrical insulation are required. With a high thermal conductivity value of 8-11 BTU•in/(ft2 •hr•°F) [1.16-1.60 W/(m•K)], product is formulated with a small particle size filler making it suitable for filling small cavities and applying the product in thin sections. Its volume resistivity is greater than 1015 ohm-cm. Product meets NASA low outgassing specifications, a prerequisite for many aerospace, electronic and optical applications. Serviceable from -100°F to +300°F, system resists thermal cycling, vibration and shock. Product exhibits a high peel strength of 40-60 pli and Shore D hardness of 70-80 at 75°F. It features a convenient 1:1 mix ratio, and cures in 2-3 days at room temperature or faster with the addition of heat. Compound adheres well to a variety of substrates such as metals, composites, glass, and many plastics.

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