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Test source/measure units boost accuracy, flexibility

Stephen Law   

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KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Source Measure Units (SMUs) serve test applications that require high accuracy, high resolution and measurement flexibility, including current-voltage (I-V) characterizing and testing semiconductors, as well as other non-linear devices and materials. SMUs are electronic instruments capable of sourcing and measuring at the same time. Units can precisely force voltage or current and simultaneously measure precise voltage and/or current. 

M9601A PXIe precision SMU is suitable for a wide variety of current versus voltage (I-V) measurement tasks that require both high resolution and accuracy such as characterization, parametric/reliability tests of semiconductors, active/passive components and general electronic devices. It supports accurate and precise measurement up to 210V / 315mA with resolution down to 500nV / 10fA. Pulsed and sampling measurement capabilities allow the M9601A to perform a wide variety of measurements from DC to pulsed down to 20μs at 1.25 MSa/s sampling rate.

M9614A and M9615A are PXIe five-channel precision SMUs which are ideal for applications that require high channel density, such as semiconductor reliability testing and integrated circuit (IC) tests. They support accurate measurement up to 30V / 500mA with resolution down to 6uV / 10pA and provide a wider output range than a conventional PXIe four-channel SMU at a lower cost per channel. Product’s seamless current measurement ranging function reduces test duration by eliminating the time it takes to change the range and expands the dynamic range to cover four measurement ranges.

M9602A and M9603A are PXIe precision SMUs featuring narrow pulse width (10μs), a fast sampling rate of up to 15MSa/s and a wide output range. Units enable dynamic/pulsed measurements for broad emerging applications such as vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) optical devices, integrated circuit (IC) testing across a wide output range and high resolution. In addition, products offer low noise performance which enables measurements with short aperture times and the seamless current measurement ranging function eliminates range change time, which improves test throughput.

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