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Test solution accelerates transition to PCIe 6.0 PAM4 signaling

Stephen Law   

Electronics Test & Measurement 6.0 PAM4 PCIe Signaling test

TEKTRONIX PCI Express 6.0 compatible Base transmitter test solution is a scalable standard for data-intensive markets such as data center, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and high-performance computing. To meet ever growing performance demands, PCIe 6.0 standard transitions to PAM4 signaling and new innovative error correcting techniques. Test solution includes PCIe 6.0 measurement-specific software, enhanced PAM4 DSP capabilities and noise compensation on the oscilloscope for increased accuracy of results. Product is further enhanced with analysis tools for SNDR and uncorrelated jitter measurements which are both mandated requirements for the PCIe 6.0 standard.

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