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Test socket handles next-gen PoP devices

Stephen Law   

Electronics Interconnect Test & Measurement sockets sockets test test

IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS Grypper/G40 test sockets (part number 109111-0003) allow testing of the newest generation of Package-On-Package type LPDDR5 devices that have 496 Ball 0.4mm pitch, with speeds up to 5500Mb/s. Socket fits to the same location/pcb footprint as the device allowing development and failure analysis. This PoP type socket is surface mounted using standard soldering methods to the same location onto the top of Microprocessor, or directly to a pcb. To connect a device, simply insert into the socket by pressing on top of the device, no lid is required. The geometry of the contact grips onto the solder balls of the device. To remove the device a simple extraction tool can be used to pop the device back out of the socket and it is ready to install another device. Product provides an electrical performance of – 1dB insertion loss up to 21.5GHz. 

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