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Temperature-stable pyroelectric LTO detectors boost detectivity

Stephen Law   

Electronics detector lithium pyroelectric Sensor tantalate

LASER COMPONENTS LT3111 series pyroelectric lithium tantalate (LTO) detectors are suitable for Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The core of this new detector series is a 7-µm-thick chip. Compared to other materials, LTO is extremely temperature stable and robust. Therefore, the detectors do not require additional cooling by a Peltier element even at high temperatures. Especially at low to medium modulation frequencies, Devices feature high detectivity and a good signal-to-noise ratio. With a specific detectivity of typically 4.0 E+09 Jones at 10 Hz, they deliver a performance similar to that of more expensive thermoelectrically cooled semiconductor detectors.

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