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Temperature soldering systems are adjustable

Stephen Law   

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EMX ENTERPRISES Metcal GT90 and GT120 Soldering Systems boost performance due to their use of inductive heating technology, which allows adjustable temperature. Product family provide the combination of inductive heating technology with adjustable temperature. This gives the GT systems a significant performance advantage with much faster time to temperature, thermal recovery and temperature stability during soldering over resistive heating systems offered by competitors in the same product category. 

GT90 is a single port soldering station, utilizing a 90-watt power supply and best-in-class performance vs. competitive 75-120-watt systems. It is compatible with Ultrafine and Standard tips.

GT120 is a single port soldering station utilizing a 120-watt power supply and offers performance greater than competitive 150-200-watt systems and equivalent performance to much more expensive 250-watt systems. It is compatible with Ultrafine, Standard and High Thermal Demand tips and can be used for any type of single iron soldering application.

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