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TCXO includes X-Tal, CMOS clock signal output

August 6, 2020  Stephen Law

MICRO CRYSTAL TM-2220-C7 Highly Stable Temperature Compensated Oscillator 32.768kHz (TCXO) comes with integrated X-Tal and CMOS clock signal output. The plug and play TCXO is suitable for applications where reliable and accurate oscillator is needed without frequency jump. Device combines minimal foot print (3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8mm), 4 connections and improved performances with 1.5µA maximum current consumption associated to tight frequency stability of ± 5ppm over full industrial temperature range. Factory calibrated device is embedded in a hermetically sealed compact reflow solderable DFN package. The fully embedded device achieves significantly better stability performances then separate components on a pcba. It does not require any oscillator adjustment during OEM design phase. 

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