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Synchronous silent switcher 2 buck regulator reduces heat, EMI

ANALOG DEVICES Power by Linear LTC3310S 5V, 10A low EMI monolithic synchronous buck converter has a fixed frequency peak current mode architecture that is suitable for high step-down ratio applications that demand fast transient response. Device uses the Silent Switcher 2 architecture with integrated hot loop bypass capacitors to deliver a highly efficient, small footprint solution at frequencies up to 5MHz with improved EMI performance. Multiphase operation enables direct paralleling of multiple devices for higher current. Device’s 2.25V to 5.5V input range supports a wide variety of applications, including most intermediate bus voltages. Integrated low on-resistance MOSFETs deliver continuous load currents as high as 10A with minimal thermal derating. Output voltages ranging from 0.5V to VIN are ideal for point-of-load applications such as high current/low voltage DSP/FPGA/GPU/ASIC reference designs.

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