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Surface mount pcb pins feature sure-hold base

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials board pcb pins

MILL-MAX Part numbers 1440-X, 1460-X and 1480-X SMT surface mount printed circuit board pins feature firm’s Sure-Hold grooved base design. Each pin has four channels machined into the SMT base providing improved solder flow and ensuring a secure soldered connection. Devices are nail-head in style, have two diameters, the base and post. Grooves, or channels are machined into the base of the pins. These channels fill with solder paste when the pin is placed on the pcb pad, acting as a tread to maintain location. During the reflow soldering process, the grooves promote efficient capillary action yielding optimal solder flow, which in turn, secures the pin to the pad in position and discourages the pin float often found with flat bottom pins. This results in more consistent pin positioning and perpendicularity which is critical for discrete pins.

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