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Surface mount fuse clips come with Kapton tape

May 5, 2020  Stephen Law

EMX ENTERPRISES Keystone surface mount fuse clips come with Kapton tape as an option with the line of on tape and reel packaging. The addition of the Kapton tape across the top surface of the SMT fuse clips allows for a more secure part picked-up by vacuum pick-and-place assembly systems. Kapton tape is currently being offered on Keystone 2AG, 5mm, mini auto blades and standard auto blade SMT Fuse Clips.

For 2AG, 5mm specify Cat No’s 3622KTR and 3621KTR

For mini auto blade specify Cat. No’s 3563KTR and 3583KTR

And for the universal entry clip, Cat No 3586KTR


All Kapton enhanced products are supplied on tape and reel per ANSI/EIA-481 standard.  

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