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Storage solution serves macOS & Windows

AKITIO Intel Optane 905P SSD Node Lite Drive is a new technology that is different from NAND flash memory, serving as a hybrid between DRAM and typical storage memory. By connecting the Intel Optane drive inside the Akitio Node Lite via Thunderbolt 3, firm fully utilizes the Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth to achieve fast performance of up to 2200MB/s in both read and write. Unlike NAND flash based SSD’s that provide fast performance in only large sized random read/write operations, drive provides the same high speeds in both large and small file transfers. Product serves the daily workflow of content creators, as well as for engineering design, scientific simulation, high resolution rendering and game development.

Akitio Node Lite PCIe Box with Intel Optane SSD 905P (PRNewsfoto/Akitio)

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