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Storage processor boosts flash performance by more than 10x

July 31, 2020  Stephen Law

PLIOPS Storage Processor is patent-pending and has been successfully tested and evaluated by more than 10 tier-one cloud and enterprise companies – proven to boost performance by more than 10x, reduce five 9s latency by up to 1000x, and increase flash price/performance by more than 90%. These results were indicated for nearly any workload using flash. Device solves the unprecedented scalability challenges raised by the cloud data explosion, the increasing data requirements of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications, the recent shift of work, education and entertainment online – and the end of Moore’s Law. A simple-to-deploy PCIe card that delivers more than 10x performance benefits for databases, server and storage infrastructures, the processor represents a new spectrum of dedicated processors. 

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