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Spring-loaded connectors delivers tiered contact arrangement

Stephen Law   

Electronics Interconnect connectors connectors spring- loaded spring- loaded

MILL-MAX Single and double row First Mate/Last Break (FMLB) spring-loaded connectors support applications where electrical signals must be made and broken in sequence rather than all at once, such as in hot swapping or hot plugging. Devices can be used to ensure the ground path is established before any other power or signal connections are made. This is done to eliminate stray currents from damaging devices or components. During hot plugging or hot swapping, if no ground contact is established first, the circuit may generate equalizing currents seeking a low resistance path. These currents may run between devices or components in a direction which can cause damage and failures. The same is true on disconnect with the ground path remaining in place until all other signal are deenergized. In other applications FMLB connectors may be used to power indicator lights or send an alert signal before energizing the prime circuit of the unit. 

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