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Spot welding power supplies deliver linear dc resistance

July 18, 2019  Stephen Law

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA MacGregor DC1013-T and DC613-T Series of linear dc resistance spot welding power supplies are typically used in aerospace, medical and electronic assembly applications. Units are suitable for butt welding fuses, welding components to leadframes, gold ribbon bonding and welding fine wire to pads. High speed automation and communication ports provide full remote control capability. Both units incorporate statistical process control (SPC) data collection and reporting capability via Ethernet. The high performance 1000A precision linear dc spot welding power supplies combine touch panel integrated database process control and monitoring with a high accuracy, zero ripple linear transistor output stage that delivers ultra-fast 10 micron per second (µs) dynamic process response rates, with absolute closed loop 1A incremental accuracy and repeatability.

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