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Specialty module protects ultra-low-voltage designs

October 9, 2020  Stephen Law

ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES SABMBOVP family low power, low voltage, high-precision voltage-clamp module is a suitable solution for critical mission applications deployed in business, safety, and security products that are 5V or below. The circuit board series protects from overvoltage by using very low-voltage precision enhancement-mode MOSFETs to improve the clamping function. Firm’s proprietary EPAD technology was developed for low-voltage, low-power, high- precision linear applications. Stacking various SABMBOVP channels in series can realize different combinations of clamp voltages. Both the SABMBOVP and the Zener diode options monitor the input voltage and control the external transistor switch’s gate without affecting the load circuit’s operation. The overvoltage protection circuit disconnects the load during the transient event, whereas the voltage clamp continues to power the load but clamps the voltage at a not to exceed a predetermined voltage. 

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