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SOT jumpers eliminate pcb re-design headaches

Stephen Law   

Circuit Protection Electronics Interconnect Engineering Supply Chain jumpers jumpers

TOPLINE SOT23 SOT Jumper components are a low-cost way to short out (jumper) printed circuit board (pcb0 circuitry without the need to redesign or spin a whole new board. Devices short-out specific pins together with less than 50 milli-ohms resistance. Devices mount on the pcb using normal SAC305 lead free solder paste, just as regular components. Devices withstand 75Vdc at 100mA with 350mW power dissipation. Products operate at a temperature range from -65⁰C to +150⁰C. Standard and halogen free versions are available and versions with up to 8 shorted pins are available. http://www.TopLine.tv/SOT23_Jumper.pdf


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