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Soldering, tinning pastes not subject to hazard labelling

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EMIL OTTO ZINNIN Green soldering and tinning sustainable pastes do not require zinc chloride, therefore are not subject to hazard labelling and can be used for soft soldering and tinning. Products can be used in the electronics industry and for tinning printed circuit boards. They are available in three variants with different alloys: ZINNIN Green I with the alloy Sn100, ZINNIN Green II with the alloy Sn96.5 Ag3.0 Cu0.5 (SAC305) and ZINNIN Green III with the alloy Sn97Cu3. Before use, the paste must be stirred until the green colour of the usage indicator changes to metallic silver grey. This is essential to return the paste to a usable state. Stirring can be done with a stainless steel or wooden spatula.

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